Saturday, September 29, 2007

September transect day 1

The September low tides are finally here and we have a bunch of friendly and enthusiastic volunteers who decided to help out. Here we have Raymond, Suwen and Robyn (left to right).

And then Paul and Yijun. I'm sorry Peihao and Bingquan were not in the bumboat photos.

This time, we decided to use big flags with the poles so that they can be visible for maintaining straight lines. This is one group trying to put in the flag into the tide that hasn't reached minimum yet.

And here is how the transect tape looks like with the flag.

Here is another team in action, working hard on their transect.

As you can see, the lines were easily crooked because today was really really windy. Was really tough trying to make things straight. Therefore, we decided to bury some parts of the line to make sure that they don't run away! Good idea.

This is the group that did the longest transect.... a stunning 500m or half a kilometre across. And that is Pulau Tekong's "holiday chalet" in the background.

And wow, Chek Jawa is indeed recovering. Those baby sandfish sea cucumbers have grown quite a bit! That's very encouraging. Furthermore, they are quite commonly found too at the seagrass lagoon.

I'm sure this tiny noble volute is another sign of good recovery.

Sunset is always pretty and it's the first time I appreciate it in Chek Jawa since the evening tides have just started.

This is beautiful. Don't you agree?

We worked till 7 plus and while walking back, this is the part where everyone has to cross the wooden planks across a dam-thingy (not damn).

After washing up,enjoying the bits of food and drink, Uncle Chu brings us back safely to Ubin jetty where a quick bumboat ride returns us to the concrete jungle.

Frankly speaking, I really enjoyed working with today's friends. Thank you ALL for making everything pleasurable. Hope you all have had bits of fun too. Here is a group photo at the end with Paul pointing not to a street lamp, but a moon!

Thanks everyone for the recommendations suggested for next such trip. Will keep it in mind.

Ok, here's the big and round moon. We'll see it again tomorrow! Till then.

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