Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remember Chek Jawa

Yesterday went to watch this docu-film at picturehouse. It was the closing film for the 7th Asian Film Symposium.

Because I only got a chance to know Chek Jawa in person this year, I have missed a lot of action. Especially when it was still a wonderful place before the mass death and when everyone contributed their heart and sweat to save this place.

I am so glad to watch the film and see how hard everyone worked to salvage whatever they can and each one of the volunteers that came from all walks of lives made a difference indeed!

Snippets from the 2001 transect reminded me of how tough it can get for the volunteers and helpers to "chase" against the incoming tide and work doubly hard in a terrain where you can get sunk in mud knee deep. Yet many were glad to have done something for the nature in Singapore.

Thank you Eric Lim for this great film and indeed, from all the laughter yesterday, everyone enjoyed watching it. It must have been heartfelt for those people who have done the salvage works themselves back at 2001.

More details of this film here.

And let us not only remember Chek Jawa, but to also ensure such a piece of wonder continues to exist for the younger generations. Mass death doesn't mean Chek Jawa is gone. It is obvious that recovering already occuring and estauries are very resilient and dynamic. Give it time, it will recover :-)

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