Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reflections on Day 2 of February Transect

I was not able to be there on Day 2 of our February transect but the transect has to go on.

This is a photo showing Yong Jian setting up transect one on Day 2.

Day 2 is possible with Yikang who volunteers to help head the trip together with friends who volunteered. Yikang has written a reflection of that day of field work and I hope to share with you here.

"Today Kok Sheng is occupied with a lab session, so I have to kind of “take charge” of today’s transect session. I was a little anxious initially. But everything went smoothly thanks to the stellar team of Damien, Jingkai, Ria, Weilong and Yongjian.

Today was the first trip to Chek Jawa for Damien and Weilong, but they only took a while to get into the hang of things. Thanks Damien for volunteering and wish you all the best in your final year. I hope Weilong found the whole experience fruitful as he skipped two lectures to help out. Only got to know this today. Sorry Weilong didn’t get the opportunity to show you a sea star; couldn’t find sea stars that day in the area.

Thanks Yongjian and Jingkai for being so dependable and see you guys in geo lab. Another big thank you to Ria for covering me in T2 when I’m off video-ing T1, the mini guided walk, and the yusheng (which kind of reminds me of seagrass). Last but not least, thank you KS for the opportunity of doing useful work for the 'endangered' CJ that is close to our hearts."


Below are more photos to share, from Day 1 taken by Yikang.

Adeline flaunts the datasheet while setting up the transect.

And all these require team work from volunteers. This is because the tide window is as short as 3 hours. Me alone will not be able to do all these.

Denise and Ron.

Siyang and Denise, chatting and resting as we finally completed the transect in time before sunset.

I would like to thank Yikang and the whole team for sacrificng your weekdays to do work on the shore. They did a wonderful job on day 2, ending the trip earlier than expected despite we were shorthanded.

The February transect trips conclude my field trips for my study at Chek Jawa and soon I will be doing analysis and writing of my report due end March.

Along the way, I will continue to share here on the progresses of the project. Do watch out for them.

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