Saturday, July 7, 2007

5th July 07- Chek Jawa Transect Day 1

On an early morning, many of us were found at the jetty of Pulau Ubin, an island of rustic charm.

We were out to do transect to survey the biodiversity at Chek Jawa, to monitor the recovery and recruitment of species after a mass death this Jan. And this is not a one-time event, it will be for a long-term monitoring.

Geraldine took this photo of the resident CJ dog at the mangroves upon our arrival at Chek Jawa.

Here's the classic shots taken by Robert. I was trying to go through the landward side towards the northern CJ. However, there was a big drain that separates the path. Thus, instead of endangering friends, we went down the mangrove to cross. And most of us were trapped in the mud, yes to their horror. Haha. Sorry Kian Wah for traumatising you.

Here's Geraldine looking amused at poor Kian Wah. Looks like a shortcut is not always the good thing. (photo by Robert)

And upon reaching the site, we immediately got started with the setting up procedures, wasting no time. (Photo by Robert)

And here we go....... garang warriors.

Geraldine captured this shot of me running across sites because there was seriously little time to do things in the intertidal area. Sorry if there were any careless trampling.

I wasn't taking any photos because there was no time. Geraldine managed to capture this swimming anemone which I have not encountered before in CJ.

Another of Geraldine's photo shows a very nice zoom at Changi from CJ.

It seems that horseshoe crabs are quite frequently seen these few days. Many of us were marvelled by it.

This sea pen was found drifted by the waves.

This is the quadrat along the transect line which we will make an analysis of what can be found at Chek Jawa at this point of time.

In all, we accomplished very little on the first transect day because the methods were too tedious and time consuming to perform. Furtheremore, the heavy rain poured while we were struggling to do what can be done.

I had 7 helpers this time (many more than last time 4 helpers doing 6 transects in a day), we only did the two easiest transects. There was only one gal-Geraldine.

I really wondered at that point of time how can we manage to finish the 4 harder transects the next day. Furthermore, the second day has more gals. Worry creeped me, and anxiety was uncontrollable. For more on how the second day of transect turned out, stay tuned to this blog!

I want to thank....

Yikang for coming the second time to help with the transect. You have been waking up at 4.15am for both days. Furthermore, you were rushing for an assignment to be submitted on transect day.

Geraldine for coming despite being down with fever and sore throat. Thank you for your selfless efforts and incredible help. You worked as hard as those who were not sick.

Robert for coming upon Siyang's request with the Semakau volunteers. I believed the gang learnt a lot from you along the way.

Kian Wah for the really good help you offered along the way. Sorry to make you go into the mud so deep. Thanks for your help really.

Gerald for immediately volunteer to help when realized he no need to go lab. Instead of taking a good rest at home, thanks for sweating it out at Chek Jawa.

Zhangyi for being so friend to help me! It's amazing how a violinist and a promising musician work for nature, doing a scientific survey.

Last but not the least, the veteran Khairul for coming back to help. He is the only person who have done transect with me during May and coming back. Haha. I am touched when we were tired out and soaked in the rain and I was apologising to him for such a state, he told me to not apologise because I did not force him to come, it was his choice. He added that it is still not a very tiring thing to do transect and it really heartened me.

Thanks also to my supervisors, though didnt come, but for their priceless assistance and help. Thanks Siva and Dr Peter.

Thanks to the Nparks help, esp Choon Beng.

Will update on day 2 soon yah... I have to go take a well deserved rest.. am tired out now.


Ria Tan said...

Bravo to you and your garang team! I know how hard doing transects can be and I take my hat off to the energy and dedication all of you have shown.

Really nice to see all the familiar creatures being spotted again!

This is indeed an invaluable study.

Can't wait to find out how Day 2 went.

Kok Sheng said...

Thanks Ria for your encouragement.

Will update on day 2 once I gathered photos from friends.

Akan Datang! :)