Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Changi and Pulau Sekudu

The study of Chek Jawa's mortality and recruitment requires also taking a look at the surrounding northern shores for to study recruitment in terms of seeding new population of macrofauna. Which shore seeds which shore? What can be found here and not there?

How is the population of macrofauna doing from Changi, Sekudu, Johor or even Sentosa?

The answers may still be unknown of now but perhaps we can get some clues from my previous low spring tide trips to Changi and Sekudu.

Water samples were taken for salinity tests from each site.

Below are accounts of the trips from blogposts, will upload the photo gallery of each trip soon.

1. Changi Beach (site A) on 14/06/07
Changi wonders

2. Pulau Sekudu on 16/06/07
Sekudu- A frog's eye view

3. Changi Beach (site B and C) on 18/06/07
Changi surprises me again

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